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Spring Market Soy Candle

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It’s perfectly fine to be fresh as a daisy!
Classic spring  floral scent, invoke the simple joy of freshly picked flowers after a light spring shower.
Hint of iris, daisy, lilac, sandalwood and fresh air round out this timeless spring mood.

Lushica's candles are made with 100% natural organic soy wax-free of paraffin which enhances the fragrance throw, burns clean with premium phthalate - free fragrance oils and unbleached cotton wicks-free of lead and zinc.
Our packaging is 100% recycled and we encourage you to recycle the box after opening.

Burn Time: 8 oz / 40+ Hours - 6 oz / 30+ Hours
Scent Family: Floral
Primary Scent: Spring Flowers, Ozone